Hannah McCracken, Recruiter

“I spent 12 years working with two of the UK’s largest advertising agencies, looking after brands including Maltesers, Whiskas, and m&ms. After having our first child, I returned to my role as a Board Account Director at a fantastic agency that championed and supported mothers returning to work. Since moving out of London a few years ago, two more children have appeared on the scene and I’ve set up my own photography business. I’m thrilled to be part of the 9-2-3 team where I can continue to celebrate flexible working for all, and connect talented professionals with fantastic companies. Outside 9-2-3, you’ll find me pondering what we’re going to call the three chickens we’re about to buy; current suggestions (from our 3 year old) are Bernard, David and Cynthia. Further suggestions very welcome!”
07727 995247