Lucy Haworth, Head of Operations and Senior Recruiter

“I’ve worn a large number of hats through my career, but people are my ‘thing’, and building relationships is what I love doing. After a few years living and working in Sydney, I returned to the UK, became a mum, and found the pressure of juggling work/life/motherhood almost impossible: I felt I wasn’t performing in my role at work OR as a mother to my two gorgeous girls.  I joined 9-2-3 in 2017, and feel grateful every day that I have the job I do.  I am a passionate advocate of flexible working for all, and love that I get to promote this way of working on a daily basis.  Outside of work, I can be found traipsing through the woods after my crazy Sprocker Spaniel, or ferrying my two girls to endless cricket matches!”

07578 398583