Flash mobs with Mother Pukka, hot pink cat suits...it's Pregnant then Screwed Live!

On Saturday, we attended the fabulously inspiring Pregnant then Screwed Live event in central London. Billed as a festival of motherhood and work, it was an absolute privilege to be seated on the Flexible Working speakers panel. As well as taking part in Mother Pukka's flash mob (our Jenna totally rocked the 9-2-3 hot pink cat suit!), we conducted one-on-one appointments with mums who wanted to know how to approach flexible working with their employer. We also chatted to women who wanted to find a career that would match their skill set - without the need to take a huge pay cut, just because they needed to be there for school or nursery pick up.

We sat in a room packed FULL of talented, intelligent, professional women who all wanted to work flexibly. Employees need this, businesses need this, and we currently have a HUGE pool of talent just waiting to be utilised. If you haven't already come across Joelie and her incredible team at Pregnant then Screwed,then you have to check them out. They deserve a massive round of applause for all their efforts in pulling off such a wonderful day. We cannot wait for the next one!
Listen to some fab soundbites from the event, including TV Presenter Kate Quilton, Freelance Journalist Robyn Wilder, and Anna Whitehouse aka Mother Pukka, all sharing their take on the mum/work/life juggle.

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