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Flexible Working with Skipton Building Society

Flexible Working with Skipton Building Society

Helen Wright, 923 Jobs Founder was spent a day with Skipton Building Society last week, to deliver a programme of workshops focusing on all the brilliant benefits flexible working brings to both businesses and employees.

It was a really empowering day, that explored the wide-ranging benefits of working flexibly, across all areas of the business. Discussions covered topics including:

  • What are the barriers to implementing flexible working policies and strategies?

  • How can you lead a team remotely?

  • How can you manage a team where some employees work remotely?

Helen commented: “Skipton Building Society already have a fantastic ethos, and recognise that in today's society individuals sometime require more flexibility to manage their commitments in both their work and their personal lives. They see flexibility as an enabler - and so do we!”

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our flexible working consultancy services.

National Flexible Working Day 2019

National Flexible Working Day 2019

Last year, 923 Jobs launched the UK’s first ever National Flexible Working Day. 12 months on, and we’re delighted to be celebrating our favourite day of flex this Thursday, 12 September. We’ll be running a fantastic TweetChat at 12.30pm that’s jam packed with:

  • Flexible working advice.

  • How to implement it, common obstacles, where to start.

  • Tips for returning to work after a career break.

Each day this week, across our social media platforms, look out for some star stats, facts and top line information about how advantageous flexible working is for small/medium/big business. And the benefits are truly universal: parents, carers, grandparents, those with disabilities, graduates, young professionals…working flexibly has a transformative effect on us all.

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