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9-2-3 is a recruitment agency that specialises in placing high quality candidates into jobs with hours that fit in around the school run.


Why should my business employ a 9-2-3 candidate?


Studies show that those with flexible working arrangements are more productive and show much greater loyalty to the company that employs them.

Research in recent years demonstrates a positive relationship between flexible working and productivity. One study (using data from an IBM survey) found that individuals who felt they had workplace flexibility were able to work longer hours – up to an additional day each week.

The Institute of Leadership & Management have written an article called “Flexible Working: Goodbye Nine to Five”, it quotes a study by Stanford University which showed a marked rise in the productivity of staff working from home - they had a 13% performance increase, were off sick less and answered more calls per minute than their office based colleagues. The article goes on to say that 82% of managers think flexible working is beneficial to their business – with improvements in productivity, commitment and retention of staff.

Not every job will require a 35-hour week – so as the demand for flexibility increases, managers and HR departments can start to think creatively when developing roles and recruiting – opening up a whole new pool of talent, and potentially reducing wage costs (with staff needing to work fewer hours).

By working with 9-2-3, businesses can recruit high quality experienced graduates who have a passion to demonstrate that flexible working can be beneficial for both themselves and crucially, their employer.

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