How we work

When you decide to work with us for your recruitment needs, we aim to make the whole process as straightforward as possible.

flowchart resize.png

Step 1: We chat to you about your requirements, and gain an understanding of what’s important for the role: the specific skills, qualifications, experience, cultural-fit, working hours/patterns. We agree timescales.

Step 2: We search our database of 3000+ candidates to find you the very best talent. We shout about the role across our social media platforms which have a reach of 65k+.

Step 3: Unlike many recruiters, we spend time speaking to all potential candidates about the role to ensure they meet your criteria, and to ensure it’s the right fit for them. We will never waste your time or the candidates’ time by putting someone forward for a role without their permission.

Step 4: We handpick the very best CVs for you to look at. We will not inundate you with hundreds of candidates (unless you want us to!). We’d rather send you a couple of brilliantly qualified/experienced candidates that are a strong match for your vacancy. We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with the calibre of our candidates.

Step 5: If you’d like to progress any of our candidates through to the interview stage(s), we will support you and the candidate(s) throughout this process. If our candidate is successful and they accept a job offer, we can then assist with references. If not, and you’re still searching, we will continue to search for the ideal candidate for you. We might advertise on specialist jobs boards - and we will absorb the cost. You only pay us if we're successful in finding you a new employee! We will invoice you once the candidate has started their new role. If, for whatever reason, the placement doesn’t work out within the first three months, we offer a sliding rebate scale. To learn more about our fee structure, please get in touch with our fabulous Business Development team who will be happy to talk you through how our fees work.