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Steeple Aston

9-2-3 is a recruitment agency that specialises in placing high quality candidates into jobs with hours that fit in around the school run.

Why should my business employ a 9-2-3 candidate?


When you agree to work with 9-2-3, as a business you can be confident of recruiting high-quality, experienced professionals who have a passion to demonstrate that flexible working can be beneficial for both themselves and crucially, their employer.

We speak with all our candidates before agreeing to represent them, so we can be sure we’re offering you new staff of the highest calibre.

Our candidates are all capable, reliable and enthusiastic.  They are intelligent and conscientious, and many have professional qualifications. We’re proud to represent them, and committed to helping link up motivated professionals, with brilliant, innovative and flexible businesses.

Why go flexi?

Not every job will require a 37-hour week. Managers and HR departments can therefore start to think creatively when developing roles and recruiting staff – opening up a whole new pool of talent, and encouraging a shift towards productivity over presenteeism.

Flexible working: the research

Studies show that employees who have access to flexibility are more productive, have fewer sick days, greater staff retention and crucially are more engaged in the workplace. Research by Deloitte indicates these employees are a third more committed to the company; while a study by Vodafone points to an increase in profits for companies that embrace flexible working.

Research in recent years demonstrates a positive relationship between flexible working and productivity. One study (using data from an IBM survey) found that individuals who felt they had workplace flexibility were able to work longer hours – up to an additional day each week.

The Institute of Leadership & Management have written an article called “Flexible Working: Goodbye Nine to Five”. It quotes a study by Stanford University which showed a marked rise in the productivity of staff working from home - they had a 13% performance increase, were off sick less and answered more calls per minute than their office based colleagues. The article goes on to say that 82% of managers think flexible working is beneficial to their business – with improvements in productivity, commitment and retention of staff.

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