Is Flexible Working the Ultimate Win-Win for Small Businesses?

Small businesses win because they are flexible, nimble and maximise opportunities. But usually small businesses cannot afford experienced staff. Possibly flexible working is the way small businesses can get the staff they deserve!

Flexible working is becoming something of a ‘buzzword’ and creating some interest in even the mainstream media. But most of the discussion is around why larger businesses should embrace flexible working. It is arguably easier for a larger organisation to offer flexibility as the larger workforce is more able to flex to adapt to individual needs. However small businesses have a unique opportunity to embrace flexible working. Peter Etherington, (in an article in the Guardian*) an employment law and HR professional said: “A lot of people would put it [flexible working] well ahead of pay when it comes to choosing a job/employer.”

In order to embrace flexible working you would need be creative about when and where you expected your team to work. But as a successful small business you have probably been creative about what you do and how you do it already. Many small businesses started in the local coffee shop (so much that an article on the BBC** suggested some coffee shops may be scrapping free WiFi). Many have embraced creative ways of delivering solutions, and creative ways of operating the business, so now it’s just to seek creative ways to employ staff.

An experienced employee who is seeking a more flexible work pattern will often give up salary and hours to achieve this. Imagine as an employer engaging a member of staff who has the experience and skills within your budget, and knowing that the employee is committed to your organisation because you are uniquely solving their problems! Loyal, experienced staff that you can afford, who want to work for you!

Flexible working is a true win/win for small businesses, to find out how you can engage the right team member contact Helen -