Why should Employers Embrace Flexible Working?

If you Google ‘the way we work is changing’ there are over 270 million results, and articles by some heavyweight publishers. The reality of what work means is changing irrevocably, and changing rapidly. The demands of employees and the means of delivery are so different from even a few decades ago that we need new ways of working. As we reach toward infinite connectivity we are dipping in and out of work 24/7, so the idea of a 9-5 employee is slowly disappearing.


As an employer it is hard to let go from traditional methods of employment, and some remain remarkably intractable in their approach, feeling that they are doing their employee a favour employing them. The more forward looking understand that it is a two-way agreement. In some instances a lack of appropriate skills may mean that the balance is very much in the favour of the employee, and the traditional tool to combat this is to pay more. However there is an alternative, true flexible working.


Flexible working should be a true win/win situation, offering the employee a way of working on their career path and the employer getting access to talented and experienced staff who are dedicated and loyal, often at a lower cost! The team member who has an employer who understand their needs and helps them return to work after a career break, enables them to balance a rewarding career with outside commitments, and feel they can achieve both without compromising either will be less likely to leave.


Flexible working can mean as an employer you can have a senior, dedicated member of the team to help you compete with larger companies who are better resourced. Flexible working can mean you have longer term employees. Flexible working can mean you have employees who are less distracted whilst at work. Flexible working can often mean you get much more from your team.


If you want to know what flexible working means for your company, and how to create the role, and recruit the right person, get in touch. 9-2-3 Jobs is a specialist agency set up to match those returning to work with employers who are forward thinking enough to find a way of accommodating their needs, in order to access some unique talent for their organisation. You can get in touch with us by emailing: Helen@923jobs.com