Flexi-Star series pt 2: Vicki Psarias (a.k.a Honest Mum)

Meet Vicki, who has been on an incredible flexible working journey, carving out a remarkable career for herself which works for her and her family. Vicki is #1 Bestselling Author/ Blogger/ Vlogger/ Filmmaker/ TV Director & Founder of Honest Mum® honestmum.com .....just how does she fit it all in?


1. Tell us who you are and a little about yourself…

I'm a mum of two, former award winning filmmaker and full time blogger and vlogger. My debut book Mumboss became a number 1 bestseller on Amazon when it was released earlier this year, and in it, I share all that I've learned over the 7 years moving into this gloriously democratic and nourishing digital space.  

2. What’s your flexible working purpose?

Directing proved to be inflexible (12-15 hours on set doesn't work with kids) so after briefly returning to direct some commercials when Oliver was 1, I felt incredibly lucky when my blog organically became a business and I could pivot into blogging and vlogging in a flexible, well paid career that worked for my family.

3. What encouraged you to start your flexible working journey?

The inequalities and inflexible nature of the traditional media industry I was working in.  

4. What’s your top tip for those seeking flexible work or those who need to ask for this at work?

Speak to HR at work, explain your requirements and negotiate. Consider starting a digital side hustle that could become your full time job. Follow your passions.  

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