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Returning to work: Meet Hannah...

Returning to work: Meet Hannah...

The phrase ‘returning to work after children’ seems to suggest to some people that you’re looking for a job that will be some sort of tepid compromise…something that you only accept because it works between school drop off at 8:03 and your youngest’s badminton lesson at 15:20.  NO THANK YOU!   I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love our three children and I will of course be claiming at least fifty percent of the glory if any of them end up on an Olympic podium, badminton racquet in hand but my career is exactly that – mine.  Returning to work after children for me was first and foremost about finding something that would be a clear and positive progression in a long and happy career.

#dadsflextoo - An interview with Chris Haworth

Hi! My name is Chris Haworth.  I am self – employed and am the founder of Peak Performance massage. I have clinic’s both in Oxford and in our local Village, Milton under Wychwood.

#dadsflextoo - An interview with Matt Dupuy

Matt is a stay-at-home Dad, or how he better describes it, a full-time toddler valet to Finch, his three year old daughter. Prior to this, Matt was a full-time subeditor at a news website and tells us why being able to stay-at-home was the best decision for his family, the benefits of this and how flexible working is key to a better work/life juggle.