3 FAB tips for networking by Helen Bryce @ Guilty Mothers Club

Honestly, networking is not my favourite topic and I find it can be something that falls down my list of priorities as a result. However, undoubtedly some of my most successful career moves and business results have come from building a network of strong relationships.


- A long time ago I read about a 3 second rule when it comes to networking in person and it really works. Basically within 3 seconds of thinking, "I'd like to chat to them" you go and do it. That way you don't have time to convince yourself not to or feel the fear. It has DEFINITELY worked for me in the past and can even work virtually too. If I find someone on IG for example, and think we could collaborate or would like to build my relationship with them, I try and send that DM before I change my mind! 

- Try not to think of it as 'networking'. For me and I know some others, this word itself feels formal and forced and a bit urgh. I think of it more as looking for opportunities where a relationship could be mutually beneficial. That moves it from feeling like I am selling myself or meeting people with an agenda to just being interested in others, starting interesting conversations and finding ways we could both help each other out - much nicer. 

- With the above in mind, when making contact with someone new I tend to find that starting with what you can do for them works better than going straight in with a request or cold intro. It doesn't have to be anything huge, sharing a link to an article you think they'd like, introducing another contact, offering a freebie, even just being honest and saying you really like what they are doing or their brand or whatever.


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‘I want to help others to feel supported and inspired and able to make these sorts of decisions that will lead to more happiness and fulfilment. Be that apply for a promotion that is fully deserved or get out of a job that is sucking the fun out of life. 
I want to provide a sort of village so that we can work together to change the game, and I’m really proud of the one that is currently growing all the time. 

That’s my why.’

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