#fortheloveofflex launch!

Hip hip hooray - it's launch day. 

We've been working really hard to prepare for an action-packed campaign all about;

  • The flexible working arena

  • The flexi jobs out there

  • The community events

  • Tips and tricks that will ultimately help you find flexible work and brilliant employers who offer these roles!

They haven't been hiding, flexible working is out there and this campaign aims to uncover the brilliant people and the businesses who share the love of flexible work, just like we do.

Flexible working is for ALL!

Our founder, Helen, set up 9-2-3 three years ago and works tirelessly to campaign for flexible work, part-time roles, remote working and roles which fit around child-care and that this should be the norm for everyone.

With the launch of the campaign, we will be posting our first video testimonial on our Facebook and Twitter page, introducing Helen and how 9-2-3 Jobs was founded on the obvious solution of flexible working.

What's our aim for the campaign?

Our campaign will be showcasing a mixture of different elements that will ultimately seek to empower you to see what's out there or even to 'ask the question' of your own employer - Can flexible working be something they would consider for your role?

We hope that all the Mums out there, especially those who may be fearing the return to work, Mums who have been made redundant, or even Mums craving a better balance between home and work life will find this campaign insightful, empowering and inspiring.

Watch out for:

- Success stories of those working in flexible employment and the businesses that offer this

- Tips and Tricks for networking, CV refresh, interviews and confidence tools

- Invitations to our fabulous upcoming events, being run by our 9-2-3 Club

- Job postings, roles and women returnships (all of course, flexible)

- Topical articles and daily news surrounding the flexible working movement

And finally.....A fabulous competition to win some equally fabulous prizes!

Just last week Anna Whitehouse, A.K.A. Mother Pukka, who regularly campaigns for flexible working conditions as a way to eliminate workplace discrimination, spoke to the Welsh Assembly promoting the benefits of flexible working. Read the article here. 

This is an incredible movement with heaps of support for flexible and agile working, hopefully making the 9-5 grind a thing of the past. 

We love what we do at 9-2-3, we're all Mums, we’ve been there......we get it, we wanted to work, have a life and enjoy time with our children, instead of feeling like we're in a constant washing machine (although we do use these daily, we don't want to feel like we are in one), so we hope you love the campaign just as much as we do.

Keep tuned into our Facebook and Twitter page for the latest updates, join in and engage with us, ask questions, tell your stories and together we'll really shout about the love of flexible working!

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