#LetsAllFlexTogetherDay Launch!



The hashtag says it all, lets ALL flex together day is a chance for us to celebrate two things;


  • The love of flexible working

  • And the 1st birthday of the 9-2-3 Club!


So what better way to commemorate the birth of our unique networking Club by bringing people and business together to give flexible working a go, for one day and see the benefits unfold.


By flexible work we mean a few things:


  • Flexible hours - so logging on between school drop-offs i.e. 9am-3pm, or even finish off work at home when the kids are in bed

  • Remote/ home working

  • Part-time hours - for example, 2/3 days a week, of five hours, five times a week

  • Something simple like working through your lunch hour so that you can leave an hour earlier


Just recently, the Financial Times shared an article about a firm that had initiated a 5-hour work week, they ditched the 9-5 and said it was ‘life-changing’ for the business with fewer sick days and record levels of new business. It highlighted two brilliant things, that firms are willing to shake things up and give this a go and that flexible working actually can and does work.


So how can you join in?


Celebrate with us ONLINE:




If flexible working isn’t on the table in your current job then this is the perfect opportunity to ask them to give flex a go, just for one day and let them see how productive you can be - show them the benefits through the articles we’ll be posting and prove that you can get exactly the same work done (or more), whether this is at home or through flexible hours and perhaps this could help reassure them that this is future-proof - fight for it, it makes complete sense.




We understand that this is a complete break from the normal 9-5, it may send heads into orbit but this is just one day out of the year for your employees to prove to you how this can work for you as a business. Flexible working is known to encourage employee productivity, improve happiness, so we’re asking you to give flex a go on the 12th September, 2018.


What you need to do:


  • Lets ALL flex together on the 12th September and shout about it by using our hashtag #LetsAllFlexTogetherDay

  • Let us KNOW about it - post your photo’s to our page, wherever you’re working, whatever time you’re working, join in and engage!

  • Tag yourselves and your businesses if you’re working flexibly that day.

We want everyone to know just how great flexible working really is!


Come and celebrate with us in person!

As well as joining our online community, you can come and celebrate with us in person at Unipart's HQ in Oxford (more details to come soon).


We’re planning a great day with some great speakers and as well as all flexing together, we’ll be celebrating the 9-2-3 Club’s birthday!


The 9-2-3 Club was launched 12th September 2017 in Westminster (check us out here), we had a fantastic day launching the club with some great attendees and speakers and we plan to do the same this year, looking at how far the Club has come and how it’s grown with the fab networking events we’ve had the chance to deliver.


The Club has given us a great opportunity to meet fantastic people and business’ and the feedback we commonly get from Club attendees is overwhelmingly supportive, that’s why we want to celebrate with as many of you as we can on the 12th September.


We hope to see you there and for those who can’t, we want to see you ONLINE so we can all flex together and celebrate!


Keep an eye our Facebook and Twitter page as we release more details about the upcoming day!





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