Introducing Maddie!

Maddie began working for the 9-2-3 team a few months ago now, she’s a wonderful new addition to the company, has a keen eye for business development and is known to make a wicked batch of cupcakes…!

Here’s a little bit more about Maddie!


Flexible working is keeping me sane.

My first job after getting my business administration degree from Cardiff University was on a graduate scheme at Abbott Laboratories.

This involved 18 months in sales, and 18 months in a marketing role. I realised that sales was my bag and my career consisted of working my way up to Executive sales position. After having my first child I went back on 4 days, but still had to hit all the same targets as my colleagues.

I was dropping my daughter with the childminder at 7am, picking her up at 6pm and then still working to 11pm when she went to bed. The logistics of going away on a 3 day sales conference (which happened every 3/4 months) was a nightmare, with no family living nearby we were paying through the nose for childcare.

I felt I was failing as a mum and as an employee and was so miserable.

I loved my job, but when my daughter took her first steps at the childminders, I decided I was missing out on so much. I also suffered a family tragedy which really puts life in perspective. All of these elements combined in me deciding to take a career break, and we leapt at the chance of moving to Florida with my husband’s job.

I had no choice but to embrace the lifestyle of a stay at home mum, and now had a 6 month old and 2 year old.

We had a fabulous 4 years in the States, and I loved being around for my family. We returned to the UK and both kids were in school. I wanted to get back into work - but literally couldn't find anything which meant that I could still be there for school drop off and pick up.

Desperate to do anything I got a job at the Oxfordshire museum in the café, I loved being with customers again - but it wasn't really challenging me in anyway. Then a friend recommended 9-2-3, so I signed up and Helen got a me a fantastic job with a fantastic company where I was involved in lead generation and market research for technology companies. I could literally do the hours when I wanted.

This grew my confidence considerably, and I soon realised those old selling skills had not vanished after watching too much Peppa Pig! It also gave me hope that there was more of a movement to find flexibility in the workplace.

Unfortunately, the market research role ended, but Helen then contacted me to come and work for her. I am absolutely loving being involved with people, candidates and clients and helping people with something I feel so passionate about.

It’s great seeing more businesses working to attract the best talent for their organisation by choosing to offer flexible working.

I feel like I'm winning at life: being a good mum and achieving something for myself for a great movement.

I certainly feel a lot saner in the workplace all thanks to 9-2-3.