Flexi-Star series pt 4: Nikki Cochrane - CoFo of Digital Mums


As a recent grad of the Digital Mums programme, I know how hard this team of flexi professionals work to launch the careers of Mums of all shapes and sizes via the world of Social Media. We were lucky enough to grab Nikki for our quick-fire flexi questions to tell us how she sees it...did you know that Digital Mums have just launched yet another fab course for Mums who need a tech refresh too? It's called Digital Retox and you can check it out here

  • Tell us who you are and a little about yourself…

I’m Nikki and I live in East London with my gorgeous French Bulldog, Rolo. I’m also co-founder of Digital Mums, which my brilliant work wife, Kathryn Tyler, and I set up to help mums find rewarding and flexible work that they could sync with family life. 

  • What’s your flexible working purpose?

Our goal at Digital Mums is to help women return to the workplace, hustle for the roles - and pay - they deserve and make positive changes in their current careers. We empower women with flexible work - or #WorkThatWorks as we call it - by building digital and workplace confidence on our Digital Retox course and getting mums job-ready in a flexible career on our vocational Social Media management programmes.

We’re also keen supporters of flexible working for all - not just mums. This is why we started our #WorkThatWorks Movement a few years ago to help flexible working become the ‘norm’ rather than the ‘exception’ for a lucky few

  • What encouraged you to start your flexible working journey?

Both Kathryn and I lost our dads when we were younger and saw our mums struggle to find rewarding work they could do around childcare. With 54,000 mums forced out of their jobs each year because of maternal discrimination, we realised things hadn’t moved on that much despite the technological changes meaning working in an office 9-5 was no longer necessary - or even fit for purpose. 

With Digital Mums we’re trying to readdress that balance. We’ve now trained over 1,500 mums with 4 in 5 of them going on to find flexible work thanks to our training. 

  • What’s your top tip for those seeking flexible work or those who need to ask for this at work?

Go in with a plan and show how your flexible work proposal can benefit the business too. And always ask for a trial. Very few employers can refuse a trial and by the end of it you will have the chance to show how your more flexible working pattern has had no effect on the way you work. More than likely you’ll actually be able to prove how its helped productivity! We actually made a short video here to show how to ask for flexible working - you might recognise some of the people in it!


Register here to attend our National Flexible Working Day on 12th September to join in the conversation around flexible working, see how it works in action and talk to business' who are doing this already. If you can't attend in person, why not join in online, posting your comments and questions (and we'd love to see your pictures too) using our hashtag #LetsAllFlexTogetherDay - see you there!