#dadsflextoo - An interview with Chris Haworth

Hi! My name is Chris Haworth.  I am self – employed and am the founder of Peak Performance massage. I have clinic’s both in Oxford and in our local Village, Milton under Wychwood.

#dadsflextoo - An interview with Matt Dupuy

Matt is a stay-at-home Dad, or how he better describes it, a full-time toddler valet to Finch, his three year old daughter. Prior to this, Matt was a full-time subeditor at a news website and tells us why being able to stay-at-home was the best decision for his family, the benefits of this and how flexible working is key to a better work/life juggle.

#dadsflextoo - A blog by Patrick Alleyne

My name is Patrick Alleyne and I am not a stay at home dad but very much employed in a busy and demanding role. I work flexibly but not for family/caring reasons unless caring for yourself and looking after your own wellbeing counts? I work for London regional government and my organisation is hugely supporting of flexible working.