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Steeple Aston

9-2-3 is a recruitment agency that specialises in placing high quality candidates into jobs with hours that fit in around the school run.



Case studies and thoughts on flexible working today.


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You’ve aced your CV and now it’s time to prepare for your interview!

Helen Wright

Remember, this is your opportunity to shout about YOU! Here are some of the top tips that the ladies at 9-2-3 have put together based on client and candidate feedback and of course, their own professional opinion. 

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#northernflex - Shouting about the love of flex up North with.....

Helen Wright

Louis Georgiou, Code Computerlove

Louis - Code Computerlove.jpg

1. Tell us a little about you? (work, family, location etc)

I’m a husband and father of two young children, aged 10 and 5.  We live in Altrincham and I take the Metrolink to work in Manchester City Centre every day.  I’m the Managing Director of Code Computerlove, we’re a digital agency with around 100 staff, based in the Northern Quarter.


2. Your fave spot in Manchester?

My favourite area doesn’t exist anymore, well since the Manchester bomb it’s now the Triangle near Selfridges.  Back when I was a student it was a flea market called the Corn Exchange (a bit like Affleck’s Palace) and it’s where I collected all my Beatles & 60’s records and imported Japanese video games 


3. How would you describe your ideal working week?

I love being in the office, but I know I’m more productive when I’m totally by myself.  So my ideal working week has me working from home for a day or two, speeding through a backlog of work I’ve been meaning to get to for a while – it’s very satisfying!


4. Fave Manchester band/song?

Tough question as there’s so many!  I’d say The Stone Roses are my favourite Manchester band, but my favourite song by a Manchester band is ‘Hymn from a Village’ by James.


5. Why does flexible working appeal to you?

I’m probably a workaholic, I love what I do and so work is intricately woven into my life.  I’ve got a family and 2 young children so I do need to juggle my work and family lives so I need flexibility to be able to do that.

#northernflex - shouting about the love of flex up North with....

Helen Wright

Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Marketing and Print Agency, Webmart


Here's Simon @webmart taking part in our #northernflex - all of Simon's team work flexibly and here, he tells us why this is the right decision for his business...

1. Tell us a little about you?

Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Marketing and Print Agency with offices in Bicester, Barnsley and East Kilbride. Proud father of 2 daughters. Marxist-Capitalist. Currently living down South near Bicester but heart will always be in Barnsley! Recent new Trustee of Barnsley Football Club.

2. Your fave spot in Manchester?

Wythenshawe at my brother’s house!

3. How would you describe your ideal working week?

Up at 6 and at home by 6. On Tuesdays doing my DIY MBA day (reading about different business strategies whilst listening to some good tunes out of the office. No emails, phone calls or distractions.) Then out and about seeing as many people as possible, driving around in my Hyundai Ioniq, the greatest best low cost car you get and environmentally friendly too!

4. Fave Manchester band/song? Oasis – Super Sonic.

5. Why does flexible working appeal to you?

Flexible working helps us to keep our team happy. We can retain the best talent as circumstances change in their life, such as moving or starting a family. Technology allows us to stay in touch and keep them involved in the business. It’s worth us being flexible it have and keep the best team.