#dadsflextoo - A blog by Phil Farr

Hi, my name's Phil and I work as a Senior Project Officer for the Greater London Authority and have done for 20 years. Yes, really! I have a partner and a lovely daughter who is 7. We live in the Home Counties and due to being able to work flexibly, I am able to balance the commute to work in London with some work from home days and this suits me because I can be there to do the school run and take my daughter to after-school activities.

#dadsflextoo - An interview with Tom Briggs | Diary of the Dad

My name's Tom and I'm a dad of three. I've been a full-time blogger for the last three and a half years. This makes me more of a work-at-home dad than a stay-at-home one in the truest sense, but I've enjoyed the best of both worlds as a result.

#dadsflextoo - An interview with Andy Philip

Hi, I’m Andy Philip; self-employed freelance musician; Dad to six year old twins. My work involves live performance, recording sessions, arranging, composing and some teaching. Performance-work always tends to be in the evening which means leaving home around the kids’ dinner time to make the commute into the West End (I’m the contracted guitarist on the musical Wicked).